Testing the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) of IT System providing for settlement activities

20 March 2015
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In order to further improve our business continuity technologies and processes, on 14 March 2015, NSD tested the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to ensure the switching over and disaster recovery of NSD’s settlement systems. The testing involved checks of disaster recovery of the key systems and databases at the backup data center, switching over of IT systems to the main data center, and correctness checks of IT systems operating both in the backup data center and main data center environments following their switching over.

The testing has demonstrated that prompt disaster recovery of NSD’s key IT systems and relevant databases supporting the NSD Payment System is possible, and the testing has proved to be successful.

To demonstrate NSD’s high readiness to ensure continuity of services for our clients in the event of emergencies, a new testing of the IT System Disaster Recovery Plan is scheduled to take place in April 2015, which will cover disaster recovery of office IT systems and the SWIFT system.

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