IT Infrastructure


Pavel Andrianov,
IT Director, Member of the Executive Board

Effective management of the IT infrastructure and ensuring continuous functionality of its components remain one of the key objectives for NSD.

In 2020, NSD, like most businesses and in a short time frame, made the transition to remote work. In addition, the company made arrangements for providing remote support to its employees, clients, IT systems and infrastructure, while maintaining a high level of such support.

  • In total, 63,600 employee and client support tickets were processed in the past year.

Cybersecurity and Resilience

In 2020, a number of tasks focused on cybersecurity improvement of NSD’s IT infrastructure were completed, including protection of NSD’s resources and infrastructure from current and future cyber threats.

DR tests were conducted, which involved failover from the main site (data center) to the backup site for one week.

The following IT projects were completed in 2020:

  • The functionality of the RoFT system was made available and put into commercial operation.
  • NSD was granted the status of Bank of Russia’s Financial Messaging System (SPFS) Service Bureau, rolled out required hardware and software, and arranged for the first exchange of messages through the SPFS.
  • The W8BEN automated processing system was deployed.
  • The service designed for the processing of non-Russian corporate actions was automated and optimized to improve the quality of their processing, reduce operational risks, and enhance the effectiveness of processes.
  • A voice assistant service was implemented. Software and hardware were put in place for an automated voice assistant integrated into NSD’s telephone and CRM systems.
  • A company-wide system for monitoring of key phases of business processes was implemented.
  • Big Data solutions development.
  • Several AI-based solutions were launched for commercial operation.