Strategy 2024

In 2019, NSD’s Supervisory Board approved NSD’s strategy for the next five years Strategy 2024.

NSD’s Mission – to be a reliable and trusted provider of hightech infrastructure solutions and contribute to the implementation of the national policy aimed at the development of innovative technologies in the financial market.

Vladislav Bodnarchuk,
Director of Marketing
and Sales Departmen
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Depository Services

By the end of 2019, the value of securities in custody reached RUB 52.67 trillion, a 17.1% increase against 2018 (RUB 44.97 trillion). The number of securities issues in custody at NSD increased by 16.6%, from 20.1 thousand in 2018 to 23.4 thousand in 2019, while the number of non-Russian securities issues and Russian Ministry of Finance’s Eurobonds surged 23.3% to 15.5 thousand from 12.6 thousand in 2018.

Denis Buryakov,
Managing Director
for Depository Operations
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Information Services

2019 was the most successful year in the history of NSD’s information services. The number of contracts for delivery of information products to market participants surged 70% against the previous year to reach 900, while the total volume of information services provided by NSD over the last five years increased seven times.

Alexander Diakovskiy,
Chief Data Officer
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Tri-Party Services

In 2019, the amount of liquidity injection through the flagship product of NSD’s tri-party services – repo trades with the Russian Federal Treasury – reached RUB 19.9 trillion, up from RUB 17.3 trillion in 2018. The reporting year saw a slight decrease in structural liquidity surplus in the banking sector, as compared to 2018 (RUB 3.026 trillion on average versus RUB 3.332 trillion) and a gradual decline in interest rates.

Alina Akchurina,
Managing Director for Collateral
Management and Tri-Party Services
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Repository Services

2019 saw a steady increase in both the number and the amount of trades registered by NSD’s Trade Repository: 15.196 million trades for the total amount of RUB 559 trillion, an increase of 2.679 million contracts (+21%) and RUB 124 trillion (+28%) against 2018, respectively. Forex instruments and repo contracts remained the main drivers behind that growth.

Anastasia Kiseleva,
Managing Director
for Repository Services
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Payment Services

In 2019, NSD continued maintaining the high quality of existing services and introducing new ones to the NSD Payment System. Not only bank account (payment) services are a separate business line, but they are also integrated into NSD’s depository and clearing operations, thus creating all-inclusive services for clients.

Svetlana Gryanchenko,
Director of Operations Department
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IT Services

As the core of the financial market, NSD gives particular attention to developing a reliable IT platform, implementing partnership programs, and ensuring a high level of information security

Alexander Nam,
Managing Director
for Technological Services
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