In 2019, NSD contributed RUB 500,000 to provide a salary to a financial literacy teacher in the «Bolshaya Peremena» (Big Change) charity foundation that helps orphans adapt to the modern life while they stay in a children’s home and after they leave it. Orphaned children are the first to fall victim to fraudsters who hunt them down to deprive them of the property and money received from the government. NSD helps protect children and provide them with the basic knowledge of how to deal with money.


In 2019, NSD collaborated with a number of charitable foundations and volunteer movements that support orphaned children and children with severe diseases. These organizations provide psychological and medical assistance to those put in their charge, taking care of their education and creative development when their relatives are not able to do that for a variety of reasons.

NSD allocated RUB 470,000 to the «Sheredar» charitable foundation to sponsor the rehabilitation program for 70 children aged 13−17 who were diagnosed with cancer. This partially covered the transfer, room and board of the program participants and volunteers, and purchase of special equipment. NSD also supported a sports, health improvement, and development program named «Kanikuly so Smyslom» (Meaningful Holidays). It is held for orphaned children by the «Deti Nashi» (Our Children) charitable fund. 18 children received treatment during the program’s summer session and 20 children — during its winter session. NSD’s aid in the amount of RUB 500,000 allowed to provide room and board to the children and those who accompanied them, offer remuneration to counsellors, psychologists, a financial manager, and a project coordinator, as well as pay for accounting services.

Our company has a strong focus on initiatives aimed to support children in healthcare facilities. For example, NSD’s contribution (RUB 300,000) allowed to fund the work of the «Danilovtsy» volunteer movement’s hospital teams for 6 months. During that period, the volunteers made more than 1,000 visits to Dmitry Rogachev National Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology, Burdenko Neurosurgery Institute, Morozov Children’s City Clinical Hospital, Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital, and Children’s Mental Hospital No. 6. As part of NSD’s collaboration with the «Strana Chudes» (Wonderland) charitable foundation in 2019, RUB 450,000 were allocated for purchasing medicines, bandages and dressings, hi-tech hearing aid and paying for children’s treatment.

In addition, NSD for the first time funded (RUB 568,698) the «Miloserdiye» (Charity) charitable foundation’s mobile team that provides palliative care to children. The aid covered the wages of a neurologist, pediatrician, and social worker for 4 months.

Apart from funding medical treatment, our company seeks to invest money in the development of children deprived of parental care. NSD allocated RUB 276,000 to the Elizabeth’s children’s home to cover a six-month wage rate of a teacher of the youngest age correction group, who becomes a trusted adult for orphans and teaches them basic communication and social life skills. Moreover, to promote artistic capabilities in children of the Udelnoe center for extracurricular activities, NSD provided RUB 120,000 to purchase a multimedia studio and a Legо construction set. Children learn how to work with the multimedia studio, master the basics of animated cartoon making, video shooting and editing, and make their cartoons that are very simple so far.


In 2019, NSD provided financial assistance to the Duet Wheelchair Athletic Dance Club for the amount of RUB 250,000. This covered travel expenses, room and board, and performance of 8 dancers and their attendants. As a result, the «Duet» team visited Minsk and participated in the Dancing and Parachuting Festival where it won 8 medals in the wheelchair athletic dance contests (6 gold and 2 bronze medals) and 2 gold medals in parachute jumping. In addition, the Moscow team won 4 medals in the Wheelchair Athletic Dance Continental Cup (1 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medals) in September 2019.


NSD’s employees who can try hand at volunteering or make a donation are engaged in charity events. Announcements of socially significant events are sent to employees in a daily morning Company Newsletter, while stories and photo reports of the charity events held are posted on the NSD portal’s Corporate Charity page. Here, NSD’s employees can also apply for participation in a charity event, make a donation, or post an announcement of an alternative charity project. In 2019, the company’s office hosted such events as Donor’s Day (89 employees donated blood) and charity fairs. The events were held with the assistance of the Blood Supply Service and the «Podari Zhizn» (Gift of Life) charitable fund. NSD also arranged campaigns to raise funds for the medical treatment of children with cancer. As a result of all the events held, NSD’s employees donated more than RUB 37,160. The amount was handed over to those in need through the «Podari Zhizn» (Gift of Life) charity.

NSD’s employees participated in a charitable New Year’s party and purchased 80 presents for children receiving treatment in the Kirov Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital.