NSD is a reliable provider of platform-based solutions for market players. Improve your trade margins for the benefit of your customers.

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NSD offers structural solutions for companies and corporations to enable them to efficiently operate in the securities market.

Our post-trade services help reduce operating costs, accelerate settlements, and improve their transparency.

Thanks to NSD’s experience and expertise, we offer integrated services, customized services, and quality products for the broad range of tasks.

Grow your business together with NSD. We offer reliable and technologically-advanced settlements, integrated solutions, and unique expertise for banking transactions.

NSD is a reliable provider of platform-based solutions for market players. Improve your trade margins for the benefit of your customers.

NSD offers a wide range of services for corporate governance. The benefits of our services include guaranteed shareholder rights, reliability of processes, and secure data storage.

NSD is a nationally important infrastructure that offers a range of reliable and technologically-advanced services for companies and public sector organizations.

NSD provides securities settlement services covering a wide range of financial instruments and maintains correspondent relations with a widespread network of ICSDs and foreign banks.

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