Information Services

NSD sets standards in data processing in the Russian financial market and provides market participants and the regulator with unique reference information that has the legal and actual status of 'golden copy'
API NSD is the single official source to download information from NSD's database using the REST API technology. A customizable data source to automate corporate information processing.
DISC NSD offers access to searching and viewing information on securities, organizations and corporate actions, communications and events relating to securities and organizations, and issue-related documents.
NSD Valuation Center calculates fair values of bonds and other financial instruments on a daily basis.
News about organizations' securities and events from NSD's Corporate Information Center, offered in a structured format and downloadable via API.
Information on changes to foreign financial instruments and their international codes
The information distribution service allows issuers to give notice to NSD's clients regarding voluntary corporate actions and other material information.
API NSD offers the possibility to control the mode and method of information downloading and the amount of information to be downloaded. We give you access to NSD's database, and you customize a set of data you need.
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