The E-voting service is a convenient universal tool for voting at general meetings of shareholders, through which shareholders may register themselves for participation in meetings and vote by completing an e-voting form on the designated web site, view the web broadcasting of meetings, get access to the meeting agenda and materials, and maintain online communication with the issuer or vote counting commission through the common interface and remote identification via the Public Services Portal. To get access to E-voting, no special equipment is required; the E-voting platform is accessible from anywhere in the world, all you need is Internet connection. The new service is available to all shareholder categories, regardless of where their securities are recorded, be it a registrar or securities depository.

Key features of the E-voting service

  • Shareholders may vote at general meetings of issuers serviced by different registrars, by using the common interface and the global identification procedure.
  • Shareholders may be identified by the means of identification already available to them, without their further appearance in person.
  • Straightforward service integration with a registrar's software thanks to the use of the common formats developed by NSD for e-proxy voting.
  • The meeting page can be branded using the issuer's logotype and corporate colours.
  • The possibility to choose necessary services.
  • Voting either through the common portal, or through a direct link to the meeting page.
  • Use of secure communication channels which protect voting ballots against unauthorized changes and signature forgery.

Advantages for the issuer

  • Improved corporate governance and enhanced investment attractiveness, including thanks to compliance with the recommendations set out in the Corporate Governance Code and Moscow Exchange's Listing Rules.
  • Increased quorum thanks to an increased involvement of securities holders in the voting process.
  • Voting results are available in real time; online communication with shareholders.
  • Accelerated vote processing and counting.
  • Reduced paperwork.
  • Avoidance of mistakes in voting ballots.

What needs to be done by an issuer to make e-voting available?

  • Ensure that the issuer's Charter provides for the possibility of e-voting at shareholder meetings through a web site.
  • Enter into an agreement with us and determine the services to be available at a meeting.
  • In the course of preparation for a general meeting, cause the Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) to pass a resolution to determine the web site to be used for e-voting.
  • Provide information regarding the meeting, or instruct this to be done by the issuer's registrar.
  • Make the meeting page available for voting.

How to enter into an agreement and receive information about applicable fees?

To enter into an agreement to use the E-voting service and to discuss the cost of the services, please send a request by e-mail at or submit an application.

For further information, please visit

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