Depository Services

NSD provides securities settlement services covering a wide range of financial instruments and maintains correspondent relations with a widespread network of ICSDs and foreign banks.
A securities account for safekeeping of securities.
NSD offers a wide range of services to assist its clients and their customers in exercising rights attached to securities.
Tax support services.
Opening and closing securities accounts intended to record rights to securities.
Allocation of identification codes to all market participants.
Assignment of a LEI code to legal entities for identification, transaction and reporting purposes
NSD acts as settlement depository and settlement organization in the markets operated by the Moscow Exchange Group and SPCEX.
NSD provides access to a wide range of transactions both in Russian and foreign OTC securities markets.
Issuance of certificated bearer bonds subject to centralized safekeeping and assignment of identification numbers to bond issues by the CSD.
Providing depository services to share issuers in the course of public offerings, maintaining a treasury securities account.
Issuance of certificated bearer commercial papers subject to centralized safekeeping and assignment of identification numbers to commercial paper issues by the CSD.
Initiating a meeting, delivering meeting information and materials to clients, identifying bondholders of record as of the record date, supporting the voting process, and vote counting.
Secure e-voting service for shareholders at general meetings.
Acceptance of structured bonds issued by Russian issuers for servicing and record keeping.
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