Asset Services

NSD provides services with respect to all securities listed on Moscow Exchange and most securities that are most often dealt with in the OTC market.

Eurobonds of the Russian Ministry of Finance.

NSD offers a full range of services to assist its clients and their customers in exercising rights attached to securities.
Thanks to the technologies that meet the global standards, NSD's clients receive full information on corporate actions in a structured form.
Services relating to the payment of income on securities, including information and income payout services.
Transmission of details of persons entitled to participate in a meeting and transmission of information on the meeting's voting results.
NSD's clients are offered services that enable persons exercising the rights attached to securities to take part in voluntary corporate action events.
Conversion and accrual of securities, and transmission of information from ICSDs, registrars, and issuers to clients.
NSD's clients and their customers are offered a possibility to participate in corporate actions processed through foreign depositories.
Drawing up a list of depositors / beneficiary bondholders. Drawing up of list of securities owners and lists of persons exercising the rights attached to securities.
NCommunicating with clients and issuers/paying agents on any matters relating to tax benefits to be provided in accordance with the documents submitted.
Corporate action messaging formats (ISO 20022 and ISO 15022).
Under the Russian Tax Code, NSD acts as a withholding agent when paying out income on securities.
NSD provides its clients with a possibility to reduce tax rates applicable to income on a wide range of foreign securities.
NSD discloses general tax breakdown to the tax agent on depositary receipts through International Clearing and Settlement Depositories (ICSDs) (foreign depositary/custodian) when paying out dividend income on depositary receipts with underlying Russian securities.
One of NSD’s priorities is to arrange effective interaction with its clients.
A Client may delegate the authority to deal with a securities account or securities sub-accounts to a securities account operator or a securities sub-account operator (an "Operator").
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