Financial Messaging Platform (Transit 2.0)

An advanced, easy-to-use and reliable platform to exchange financial messages and electronic documents between banks and corporations. The solution is based on NSD's Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system.

  • Transit 2.0 is designed for quick exchange of financial messages or electronic documents, such as payment orders, status advices, statements, and free format messages. New documents are being added to the list on a regular basis.
  • Thanks to Transit 2.0, clients do not need to have and maintain their own IT solution to exchange financial messages with their counterparties. The system offered by NSD automatically recognizes the format of a sender's electronic document and converts it into the format preferred by the recipient. Corporations and banks may, therefore, use the single channel to exchange electronic documents across the EDI network.

Key Advantages

  • Single interface and format for dealing with all banks connected to the Platform
  • 'One-stop' service for dealings with all legal entities within a group of companies
  • Flexible process management mechanisms based on the use of digital signatures
  • Customization of seamless integration between an ERP/Treasury Management System and the Platform (via API), which guarantees that only orders pre-approved by the Treasury are paid
  • Customization of the procedure for acceptance of payment orders before they are sent to the bank
  • The fee payable for the use of the Platform is much lower than the costs to implement a host-to-host connection even with a single bank
  • Data is transmitted in accordance with the EDI Rules in encrypted form
  • NSD, a member of the Moscow Exchange Group, is a reliable technology partner
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