Connection to the Trade Repository

This guide focuses on the connection to the NSD’s Repository: becoming a Repository client, , entering into the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) agreement, appointment of the Reporting agent.

Repository functions and services, types and roles of participants are described in the ‘General information’ section of NSD’s website.

Note that processing clients’ documents by NSD may take up to 2 weeks.

How to become Repository Client?

In order to become a Client the following actions are required:

  • receive (or provide information  the NSD) Legal entity identifier (LEI) in on of Local operating units, including NSD.
  • submit a Declaration of accession to the Rules for the provision of repository services to the NSD;
  • receive an Identification code by submitting a CM006 form to NSD.

Foreign market participants should note that in accordance with the recent Bank of Russia Directive 3253-U if one party of the contract (trade) concluded on the terms of master agreement is a foreign entity, repository services can be provided to a second party (Russian legal entity) regardless providing repository services to a party – foreign entity.

Already an NSD Client?

If you already have some other type of agreement with NSD and a timely verified LEI, there is no need to provide additional documents to NSD.

In order to speed up the connection process, we recommend you to check the actuality of the documents you’ve already provided, e.g. have any changes been made into the list of signatories, Power of Attorney, or any other changes have been made.

Not an NSD Client?

If you are not an NSD Client yet, the following documents should be submitted to NSD:

  1. Documents in accordance with the list.
  2. Legal entity questionnaire (AA001 form).
  3. Documents confirming the authorities of the sole executive body (director) of the legal entity. For representatives – notarized Power of Attorney, granting the right to conclude the agreement to a representative of the legal entity (if an application, and/or a contract, and/or an agreement are signed by the representative of the client).
  4. A notarized card with samples of signatures and a seal impression.

AA001 form can be found in the ‘Documents, submitted by Clients’ section of the website.

Please contact us if additional information on the list of documents or on entering into Agreement on the terms and conditions for the provision of repository services is required.

How to enter into Electronic Data Interchange Agreement?

Please note that no additional information on the company is required in order to enter into the Electronic Data Interchange EDI) Agreement.

If you are not a participant of the NSD’s electronic data interchange, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Enter into EDI agreement with NSD.
  2. Submit an EDI application form.
  3. Submit a Power of Attorney for Signing Electronic Documents in the NSD’s EDI System.
  4. Provide NSD with a list of duly notarized documents2.
  5. Receive the Electronic Signature Verification Key Certificate(s) on the Moscow Exchange.

2 – see the ‘How to become a repository client’ section. If persons, on whom you’ve already provided notarized copies of identity documents will at the same time act as signatories of the electronic documents, you do not need to submit identity documents one more time to NSD.

Please note that in order to receive Electronic Signature Verification Key Certificates (ESVKC), additional set of documents, the same as for NSD, should be provided to the Moscow Exchange.

In order to speed up the connection process we recommend to submit documents to the Moscow Exchange at the same time as to NSD.

Available methods of interaction

How to appoint or become a Reporting agent

I want to appoint Reporting agent

In order to appoint a Reporting agent client should submit an Application for designation of authorized Reporting agent.

Detailed instruction on how to fill out the Application is available here.

Please note that a Repository agent should be also a client of NSD’s Repository and should have an EDI agreement with NSD.

See the Reference guide of Repository participants to check that person you’d like to appoint is a Repository client.

I will act as a Reporting agent for third parties

In order to obtain a Reporting agent status you should confirm your appointment when receiving CM016 form.
Please note that:

  • Client, which appoints you as a Reporting agent, should be a Repository client and have an Identification code as well as LEI.
  • EDI agreement is mandatory in order to act as a Reporting agent in accordance with the Rules for the provision of repository services.

How can I submit documents to the NSD?

Via representative

In order to submit documents via representative, you should issue a Power of Attorney on submitting / receiving documents using D02 form on your company’s representative.

Documents should be provided to the Contract department located at 12, Spartakovskaya str., Moscow, 105062, Russia; contact person: Kira Remneva, tel.: +7 495 234-48-27, ext. 5829, e-mail: ).

Representative should have an identity document (passport) and a Power of Attorney in due form D02.

By post

You can submit documents by post (or using any mail service) to the following address: 12, Spartakovskaya str., Moscow, 105062, Russia; for the attention of Natalia Belyaeva, Contract department.

Contact us

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