Cash settlements in the OTC market

Cash settlement services for OTC trades of professional participants of the Russian securities market and other financial market participants are one of NSD's key areas of business.

NSD is the largest settlement non-banking credit institution in Russia, comparable to leading Russian banks in terms of the scope of settlement transactions processed, capitalization, and the number of financial market participants serviced. The NOSTRO accounts network covers the major global financial institutions, thus allowing clients to make cash transfers in multiple currencies in accordance with the convenient deadlines provided for in the settlement regulations.


As a settlement organization, NSD:

  • Opens bank accounts no later than the next business day following the date when the client submits the complete set of required documents and the parties sign the relevant agreement.
  • Provides the full range of cash settlement services in the most in-demand currencies.
  • Is a direct participant of the Bank of Russia's Real Time Gross Settlement System (BESP System).
  • Guarantees timely settlements and safety of clients' money thanks to the high level of reliability and asset liquidity and non-existence of credit and market risks specific to most commercial banks.
  • Offers competitive prices and the lengthiest operational day in the Russian market (12 hours, from 8:30 to 20:30 (Moscow time)).
  • Offers a wide choice of electronic communication channels for cash settlements (Automated System for Electronic Settlement (ASES), Internet Bank-Client, Intranet Bank-Client, and SWIFT).
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