NSD Announces Results of Supervisory Board Meeting

01 November 2019
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On 31 October 2019, a meeting of the Supervisory Board of National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russia’s central securities depository, took place.

The Supervisory Board made the following decision:

  • Elect Alexandra Mazur, Head of the Market Risk Control and Analysis Division, REGION Brokerage Company, as member of NSD’s Customer Committee for Quality Control and Risk Management;
  • Relieve Anna Grib, member of NSD’s Customer Committee for Quality Control and Risk Management of NSD, from her duty.

The Supervisory Board elected new Chairpersons of Customer Committees:

  • Vladimir Itunin, Head of Operations, JSC ALFA-BANK (Customer Committee for Quality Control and Risk Management);
  • Ksenia Vlasova, Head of Operations, Business Support Department, Aton (Customer Committee for Settlement and Depository Services and Tariffs);
  • Vadim Protasenko, First Deputy General Director, NRC - R.O.S.T. (Customer Committee for Registrar and Depository Relations).

The Chairpersons were authorized to present lists of candidates to their respective Committees.

To assess the state of NSD’s corporate governance in 2019, the Supervisory Board appointed employees responsible for collecting and summarizing information about the state of NSD’s corporate governance, and authorized them to submit a draft report on NSD’s corporate governance state for 2019 to the Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board approved:

  • An amended and restated Procedure for Developing, Approving, and Assessing NSD Strategy Implementation Results;
  • Amended and restated NSD Clearing Rules;
  • An amended and restated Regulation on the NSD Internal Audit Department.

The amended versions of NSD Clearing Rules and of Regulation on the NSD Internal Audit Department will be put into effect once they are registered with the Bank of Russia.

The Supervisory Board took into account:

  • Q3 2019 Report on NSD’s Significant Risks;
  • Q3 2019 Report on NSD’s Amount of Capital, on Results of Capital Adequacy Assessment, and on Complying with Mandatory Ratios;
  • Q3 2019 Report on the NSD Internal Control Department’s Activities Focused on Internal Control over the Professional Securities Market Participant’s Operations.

About National Settlement Depository

National Settlement Depository (NSD), a part of the Moscow Exchange Group, is the central securities depository* of the Russian Federation.

NSD was founded 27 June 1996. On 31 March 2019, the total value of securities under custody amounted to RUB 46.2 trillion. The Bank of Russia recognized NSD as a systemically important central securities depository, settlement depository, and repository. The NSD payment system has the status of a systemically and nationally important system.

NSD offers a wide range of services to its clients, including depository services, cash and settlement services, OTC transaction registration (repository services), information services, collateral management services, and technological services.

The Bank of Russia has assigned NSD the status of an operator of the NSD Payment System (registered name).

NSD settles on-exchange trades and conducts a major part of OTC settlements; it services Russian and foreign securities. Currently, NSD has accounts with central securities depositories and international settlement and clearing centers of seven countries, as well as correspondent accounts with major foreign and Russian banks. NSD services securities issued by companies representing more than 40 countries.

For additional information about NSD, please visit www.nsd.ru/en.

* The central securities depository status was assigned to NSD by the Russian Federal Financial Markets Services’ Order No. 12-2761/PZ-I (dated 6 November 2012). NSD holds professional securities market participant license No. 045-12042-000100 for depository operations issued by the Russian Federal Financial Markets Services (19 February 2009), license No. 3294 for banking operations issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (4 August 2016), license No. 045-00004-000010 for clearing activities issued by the Russian Federal Financial Markets Services (20 December 2012), and license No. 045-01 for repository operations issued by the Bank of Russia (28 December 2016).

Media contacts:
Sofia Abdrazakova,
Head of Media Relations,
NSD T: +7 (495) 956-2790, ext. 4267
M: +7 (906) 725-6395

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