How to write a Party’s ID and rules for Quoted Currency Pair

29 October 2013
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  1. On the page Taxonomy on the special web-portal “NSD trade repository message specification you can find explanations on how to write  Party ID (the taxonomy PartyId – Description of limitations on Party ID) if there is no Repository Code of a Party. The Explanations are given in Russian, the English translation will be available later.
  2. On the page Technological Solutions the Rules for messages to be sent to the NSD Repository is updated. The Rules are supplemented with Section 8 General rules for creating the element quotedCurrencyPair in case of the combined or bilateral cross confirmation. Correct and incorrect examples of information on a quoted currency pair are also given.

You can address any questions on new message formats to Anna Kostyreva () or by phone (495) 232-05-26.

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