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20 August 2013
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Due to the questions, related to the repository messages conversion NSD would like to point, that new message format has several distinctions from the current message format.

In order to successfully convert message from current to a new format, several additional requirements has to be met.

For example, in order to include information on payments under repo or FX swap contract, (see section ‘Payments info’) into the Contracts register using converter, it is required to include into the message information on a person, responsible for reconciliation of the Contract obligation status form. The following solutions are available:

  1.  Automated processing of the converted reporting form. Available via web-service. For automated processing block of additional information shall be filled with information on reconciliation party (Principal reporting agent / Reporting agent) of the second party of the contract:
    1.  Name of the block, containing information on reconciliation agent – paymentsInfoConfirmationParty.
    2.  Id code of the reconciliation party from the ‘Reference guide of repository participants’ – partyId.
    3.  Name of the reconciliation party form the ‘Reference guide of repository participants’ – partyName.





            <partyName>Универсальный тестовый контрагент</partyName>



  2.  During automatic message conversion in the Contracts register payments information on registered contracts, into the Contract obligation status form ‘null reconciliation agent’ will be added (party id=Party0, partyId=000000000000, partyName=UNKNOWN).

Please note that ‘Payment info’ section is not mandatory in the current repository messages formats.

Additional information on message conversion is available on specialized trade repository web-site in the ‘Format converting’ section.

Please contact Alexander Ermakov on questions regarding new message formats by e-mail: or by phone +7 495 956 10 70 ext. 4966

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