New version of Web-client deployed in the UAT environment

19 December 2013
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Starting from 12/19/2013 in the UAT environment a new version of Web-client deployed.

The following functionality was added into the new version:

  • Client’s certificate verification after passing authorization;
  • Saving of filter settings for all tables;
  • Bulk import of FpML messages in zip-packages;
  • Import of all types of outgoing messages;
  • Color markup of active and archived contracts;
  • Ability to change a draft name while creating it based on (as a copy of) another object (message, for example);
  • Column Type for tables in the Registration section;
  • Searching for a particular value in drop-down lists;
  • Alphabetical ordering of values in drop-down lists;
  • Numbers formatting – splitting thousands with a space;
  • Section “Payments” in amendments.

The following functionality was disabled in new version:

  • Validation of sender field;
  • Drafts creation based on statement reports;
  • Functions “Drafts creation” and “Save as template” for draft forms CM001, CM002 and CM003 statement in the “Sent” folder.

In addition, the following bugs have been fixed the updated release of the Web-client:

  • Filtering errors
  • Errors in Rejected and Confirmation requests forms;
  • Errors of a Master agreements form;
  •  Errors of data formatting;
  • When sending message with the attached file previously occurred earlier error "File with the scan document is not attached file to the message" has been solved;
  • In case user was logged in while the update of the Web-client was in process, an error 401 – loss of connection with the server – appeared. In the new version of Web-client a user will be transferred to the authorization page.
  • errors in the amendment registration form were fixed;
  • Fixed incorrect function of the “Save” button in a modal message editor;
  • when importing an incorrect file a message “Non-static method requires a target” was received by user. This message now contain a short description of an occurred error.

New version of the Web-Cabinet is available in the UAT environment at

It is estimated that from 24 December 2013 the mentioned above changes will be available in the production environment.

For the questions on repository services please use the contacts provided on NSD’s website.

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