NSD released new trade repository message formats in Russian and English

04 June 2013
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  1. In accordance with the Schedule for publishing materials NSD’s Repository publishes  final materials, containing message formats descriptions in Russian and English languages:

1.1. XSD format scheme is published, containing all required annotations in accordance with the annotation rules.
1.2. Taxonomy is fully published.
1.3. Reference guide, containing all reporting product types.
1.4. List of information, determining the uniqueness of the reporting form is specified.
1.5. Printable forms match final version of the XSD format scheme.
1.6. Format description in English is matched with the Russian version.

  1. Into the Format converting directory descriptions are added in order to ensure conversion current message formats into a new repository message formats.

In accordance with the Terms and conditions for the provision of repository services the final version of message formats shall be adopted before 1 July, 2013 and shall be in effect starting 1 August, 2013.

Testing new formats, interaction between clients and Repository (Master agreement, FX swap, quarterly reports), web service for information exchange and conversion services begins on 1 July, 2013. Testing schedule shall be disclosed in the second half of June, 2013.

Information on new message formats is available on a specialized web-portal.

Please contact Alexander Ermakov on questions regarding new message formats by e-mail:  or by phone +7 495 956 10 70 ext. 4966

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