On abandonment of the Principal reporting agents

05 April 2016
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Dear clients,

In scope of “Repository 2.0” project NSD would like to inform you on the following:

  1. Starting 28 June, 2016 Principal reporting agents are excluded from interaction between the clients and NSD’s Repository when providing information on trades to the latter.
  2. All credentials required for informational and operational interaction with the Repository with regard to reporting data on OTC trades concluded on the terms of master agreements and/or trades concluded without master agreements are transferred to the Reporting agents.

    At the same time client or a third party (parties) may act as a Reporting agent on the trades mentioned above in case such participant meets the requirements applied by NSD to Reporting agents.
  3. In order to become Reporting agent client should submit Application for designation of authorized Reporting agent (CM016 form, hereinafter – the Application).

    Please be advised that in order to begin reporting Reporting agent should accept its designation i.e. to confirm information filled out by the client in the Application (this information is transferred to the Reporting agent as RM005 request) or decline to act as a Reporting agent:
    • Acceptance of Reporting agent functions is done by responding to the Repository’s request by CM001 notification.
    • In case Reporting agent didn’t agree with the parameters of the Application, Repository is notified on disagreements by CM002 form.

In case until 27 June inclusive, 2016 client:

  • has not provided Repository with the Application for designation of authorized reporting agents;
  • has only on repository (identification) code, such client shall become Reporting agent with regard to all its messages.

Similarly, in case there is no Application (CM016) in the Repository and client has more than one identification code, such client shall become Reporting agent for all its codes.

Applications may be provided to the Repository in electronic or hard copy forms.  

See the high-level scheme of interaction between clients and Reporting agents while appointing the latters:

Please see the documents below for additional information on appointing procedures. These documents are also available in “Repository” section of NSD’s website and on the specialized web-portal:

In addition it is recommended for both clients and Reporting agents to participate in trial operations and test Reporting agents’ assigning (or rejection) processes. Trial operations (electronic messages specification version 4.1) is available in the UAT environment starting 30 March, 2016.

In order to prevent negative legal effects regarding exclusion of Principal reporting agents from the Repository’s environment, it is recommended for all clients to annul all issued Powers of Attorney issued to Principal reporting agents starting 28 June, 2016.

For the questions on repository services please use the contacts provided on NSD’s website.

See the Repository messages specifications on a specialized web site.

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