On adoption of new Terms and conditions for the provision of repository services version

18 November 2013
Print version

In accordance with the Order signed by the NSD’s Chairman of the Executive Board, new version of the Terms and conditions for the provision of repository services (hereinafter – the Terms) has been adopted.

The following changes have been made:

  • reconciliation rules for the non-mandatory fields has been specified;
  • terms of payment for repository services has been amended;
  • new Appendix 10 ‘List of convertible formats’ has been added;
  • Appendix 2 ‘Messages specifications’ has been amended;
  • new CM009 form has been implemented.

New version of the Terms is published on NSD’s web-site in the ‘Repository regulations, rules and legislation’ page under the section ‘Adopted, but not in effect documents’, the file contains the changes made in comparison with the version of the Terms in effect.

The new version of the Terms shall come in effect on 18 December, 2013.

Due to the Clients’ questions please note the following:

  1. Electronic data interchange is the principal method for interaction between Repository and Clients / Principal reporting agents / Reporting agents. Print forms should be submitted to the Repository only due to inability to provide documents via electronic channels as a result of technological failure in the EDI system or in case of other emergencies.

If the following documents are submitted as print forms:

  • Master agreement registration form (CM010);
  • Master agreement termination form (CM011);
  • Contract reporting forms (CM021 – CM089);
  • Contract obligation status form (CM093);
  • Form for contracts based on master agreements with maturity less than 4 working days (CM091)
    shall be signed by duly authorized representatives of Principal or Reporting agents, assigned by the Clients – parties under master agreement. If the same Principal or Reporting agent is acting on behalf of the both parties, the mentioned above forms are signed only by such agent.
  1. In case two parties are reporting to the Repository, the latter shall search for counter messages for the matching. The messages shall be considered as ‘counter’ by the Repository if at least one of the terms below is met:

    1. The parties indicate the same contract number in their reporting forms.
    2. The parties have identically filled the messages fields, defined in the Appendix 8 to the Terms ‘Provision for the uniqueness of master agreement to be registered and search of cross-reporting forms during matching’.

    If such terms are not met, messages shall not be considered as ‘counter’ and shall be hold by the system until the counter messages are received or the initial message shall be cancelled.

  2. In case collateral securities in repo trades differ from the bonds, in the message field block ‘Collateral’  ‘equity’ should be selected when indicating security type. In the collateral amount fields ‘Via asset unit price’ should be selected when describing the asset.

You can address any questions on new message formats to Anna Kostyreva () or by phone (495) 232-05-26.

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