On adoption of the NSD’s Terms and conditions for the provision of repository services

23 September 2015
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Dear clients,

please be advised that in accordance with the Order #210 dated 23 September, 2015 the new version of  National Settlement Depository’s (NSD) Terms and conditions for the provision of repository services (hereinafter – the Terms) have been adopted.

New version of the Terms comes in effect on 1 October, 2015.

The following changes were made to the new version of the Terms:

  1. In accordance with the Bank of Russia’s Directive 3253-U dated 30 April, 2014, the Terms are supplemented with the descriptions of new reporting forms: Credit support transfer reporting form and Mark to market valuation reporting form.
  2. Appendix 9 and ‘Conversion’ section from paragraph 6 are excluded from the of the Terms.
  3. Billing procedures for the repository services are specified for cases when the single payer defined by master agreement has terminated the Agreement on the terms and conditions for the provision of repository services (see p.
  4. Changes are made into the Appendix 2 of the Terms.
  5. Power to submit to the Repository the Contract collateral and execution transfers forms is excluded from the Principal reporting agent’s Power of Attorney.

New version of the Terms is published on NSD’s website in ‘Documents / Repository regulations, rules and legislation’ in the ‘Accepted documents, not in effect’ section.

New version of electronic messages specifications (Appendix 2 to the Terms, version 3.7) is available by the following link.

For the questions on repository services please use the contacts provided on NSD’s website.

See the Repository messages specifications on a specialized web site.
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