On submitting to the Repository Contract obligation status forms (CM093) and features of such reporting forms processing when code “T” is inserted into a “Contract obligation status field”

09 September 2013
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Please be informed that under FFMS Order 11-68/pz-n participants’ responsibility to inform on contract first leg execution is not clearly stipulated and NSD does not require provision of such information from participants.

It is also should be noticed that submitting to the Repository Contract obligation status form (CM093) with a “T” code (obligations have been properly terminated or terminated early, unless the contract was terminated early as a result of a breach of the terms thereof or an event relating to insolvency either party) shall resolve in closure of the contract, previously registered in the Contracts register regardless of how field “productLeg” – Nearleg, Farleg has been filled or left blank.

Recording information on contract obligation status, stipulated in CM093 form, into the Contracts register could be provided in the next version of the Terms and conditions for the provision of repository services depending on Clients’ requests and recommendations of Committee on repository activity.

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