On the update of the installation date 17.12.2020 for the NSD’s software release and the updated Trade Repository format scheme (new format scheme 4.4)

19 November 2020
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Dear Clients,

Please be informed that the planned production release date 21.12.2020 has been moved to the earlier date 17.12.2020, including the following changes that are currently available for testing at the TEST3 environment:

1.Repo form CM041:

There are following mandatory fields required:

  • Delivery date for the first part (fpmlext:repo/fpmlext:spotLeg/nsdext:deliveryDate)
  • Delivery date for the second part (fpmlext:repo/fpmlext:forwardLeg/nsdext:deliveryDate)

2.CM083 (repoBulkReport):

There are following mandatory fields required:

  • Delivery date for the first part of Repo (nsdext:spotLegDeliveryDate)
  • Delivery date for the second part of Repo (nsdext:forwardLegDeliveryDate)

3.Updated the directory of Floating Interest Rate Indices - added the value RUB-CPI-ROSSTAT (Consumer Price Index for goods and services ROSSTAT)

4. For all reporting forms:

The full official name of the participant is required in the partyName message block:

  • TradeRepository - indicates Небанковская кредитная организация акционерное общество "Национальный расчетный депозитарий"
  • Party1, Party2; Sender; UTIGeneratingParty; Counterparty - the full name in Russian or, if needed, in English is indicated in accordance with the Directory of participants in repository activities in accordance. For bilateral reporting, participants must use the same language of the full name.
  • If the participant is not a client of the Trade Repository (not contained in the Directory), the name is not checked. The responsibility for specifying the full name lies with a Sender of the message.

The updated scheme 4.4 (available at the link) is optional for installation if a participant does not use the CM083 in the reporting.

For participants who use the CM083 in the reporting, the updated format scheme is required for installation.

For questions related to the repository activities, you can reach the contacts listed on the website or send your questions to , with the subject of the message “Formats. Rules."

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