On updating Repository server software in the commercial module

05 February 2014
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Please be advised that starting 3 February, 2014 NSD’s Repository commercial software module has been updated, containing the following changes:

  1. Processing messages with ‘ncf’ tag (an FpML field not used in NSD’s Repository): if Repository receives message with ‘ncf’-tagged field, such fields shall be ignored and excluded from the processing (generating confirmation request (RM005 form), matching and registration in the Contracts register processes).
  2. Calculation of the 3-day period by NSD when verifying the participant’s message creation date shall be done on the basis of the business days (business days are equal to Repository working days), not calendar (as before).
  3. Unique error code in square brackets (in the following format: “[unique error code] error description”) will be included in the beginning of the text by the Repository when Registration failure notification is generated (RM002 form).

For the questions on repository services please use the contacts provided on NSD’s website.

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