On updating Repository software in the UAT environment

13 March 2014
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Please be informed that starting 13 March 2014 Repository trial operations software has been updated, including the following changes:

  1. Transition to the message specification v3.1 has been made (further information available here).
  2. Confirmation for received messages in the Incoming message log has been implemented.
  3. Unloading of the Reference guide of Repository participants has been improved – unused Identifications codes do not uploads on NSD’s web-site and in ‘LUCH’ software.
  4. Messages routing principle sent by the SWIFTNet FileAct has been changed – in UAT instead of ‘FileDescription’ field NSD uses field ‘RequestType’ with the definition ‘swift.generic.fast!p’ and field ‘MessageIdentifier’ with the definition ‘defp.xxx.nsd.rpz’.

Planned implementation date for the mentioned above updates is 31 March 2014.

For the questions on repository services please use the contacts provided on NSD’s website.

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