On updating the Repository commercial system

10 December 2013
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Starting 10 December, 2013 in order to simplify searching and matching algorithms for counter reporting forms, the following changes have been implemented into the Repository commercial system:

  1. Changes in the numbers matching: when comparing all number fields (xsd:decimal; money; NonNegativeDecimal; PositiveDecimal; xsd:integer) are transformed into a unified format in order to avoid possible discrepancies in writing.
  2. Changes in the matching for directories: when comparing counter messages no matching is done for passages to tags schemes.
  3. Changes in the errors description in English;
  4. Changes in field control marked in xsd schemes as mre (mandatory fields): Incorrect control procedures is fixed for fields marked in xsd-scheme as mre. In the installed software version the absence of fields, marked as mre in the scheme shall result in cancellation of such message.

In addition, the new release fixes errors, found during trial operations:

  1. [CM041] Error in the xsd-scheme: parValue (nominal amount) and issueName (securities’ name) in the description block are now are not mandatory fields (tag has been changed from mre to afr).
  2. [СМ004] Principal reporting agent / Reporting agent is able to receive an extract from the Contracts register on master agreement and/or contracts, registered on behalf of clients, by request.
  3. [CM011] Deregistration (closure) of master agreement with active contacts is no longer possible. Rejection advice text is corrected when attempt to deregister master agreement with active contracts has been made.
  4. [CM093] Status change for ‘closed’ contract is no longer possible.
  5. [RM002] Rejection by a second party during a chain reconciliation shall be transmitted to a first party with an ‘RCDP’ code with a reference to a rejection from the second party and description of the reason for rejection.
  6. [RM006] Only a receiving party shall receive advice if discrepancies are found during a chain reconciliation. In case of successful registration, discrepancies advice shall be received by both parties.
  7. [RM002] When initiator submits a new reporting form (i.e. reporting form is changed) for a chain reconciliation procedure, counterparty shall receive a rejection advice for the initial reporting form.
  8. Rejection codes have been revised. For certain rejection with a NARR code other codes have been assigned in accordance with the FFMS Order 11-68/pz-n.
  9. Descriptions in rejection advices have been corrected (including grammar).

Please note that previously planned strict requirements for absence of the ‘ncf’ tags has not been included into the current update.

Changes, mentioned above, are available for trial operations for all participants starting 5 December 2013.

Please use the contact details for questions related to the repository operations.

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