On updating the Web-client version in the commercial environment (messages specification version 3.1)

31 March 2014
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Please be advised that in accordance with the previously published message a commercial version of the Web-client has been updated.

The following features have been added:

  • Highlighted base and other values by party on difference report view.
  • Ability to perform operations on selected group drafts (send, move, delete).
  • New functionality allowing accounts rights customization.
  • Function of importing messages can found in the "Drafts" section, and section "Import" has been removed.
  • Updated format converter.
  • In the section "Contracts" columns are added with numbers of contracts for party 1 and party 2.
  • Auto converting from old and tabular formats to FpML when importing messages.
  • Ability to change base font size was implemented.
  • "Progress bar" on view form and edit form.
  • Display of parties' names in the list of contracts.
  • Block "Payments" to CM091ED (Changes registration request, Quaterly report).
  • Support for Internet Explorer 11
  • Ability to create elements with unlimited hierarchy level elements on edit form
  • Column with the code printed form in subsections of "Documents preparation"
  • Ability to edit the draft name from all forms of editing
  • Retraction requests are now displayed in the message list of the chain being retracted.
  • "Clone entry" button into "Master agreements" page.
  • Party trade identifiers are now shown after the message is sent.
  • Ability to highlight error by click on row error on "Log" tab
  • Highlighting of errors for first block with message parameters on edit form
  • Check for a match sides buyer / seller for validation
  • New functional "Available for reporting agent Instruments is marked bold in main agreements"
  • Now a chain with a nonfatal rejection, does not move to section "Rejected"

In addition, the following corrections (fixes) have been made in the Web-client:

  • Filtering errors.
  • Data formatting errors.
  • Opening records of "Operation log" with operation type "send draft".
  • Bug with incorrect generation edit form for xml-messages which was not specified tag "partyName".
  • Hidden buttons "Retract message" in sections "Rejected" and "Registered".
  • Saving tables in CSV-file in IE and FireFox
  • Bug with opening irrelevant contract when called from a toolbar in the "Contracts"
  • 404 error while saving contract into a file.
  • An error that occurred while exporting tables into an Excel file
  • Removed ability to view messages using "View message" button from section "Reports"
  • Status different between "Registered" and "Contracts" tables.
  • Incorrect error message while converting a file.
  • Master agreements instruments field had value All instruments if only one of Reporting agents had ALLD value in available instruments.
  • Client can edit master agreement.

Updated Web-client version is available for users by the following links:

For the questions on repository services please use the contacts provided on NSD’s website.

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