Additional Settlement of Trades Cleared by NCC

26 May 2014
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Ref. № АС-20/4442 dated 26.05.2014

Attn.: NSD Clients

National Settlement Depository (hereinafter NSD) announces the launch of additional settlement of trades cleared by CJSC JSCB National Clearing Centre (hereinafter NCC).

According to the information published on NCC website (in Russian), starting from 9 June 2014 it is planned to introduce an additional clearing session for trades on the Main Market sector of the stock market.

Therefore, pursuant to NCC Instruction related to operations on subaccounts, NSD as a settlement depository will perform additional settlement based on the results of clearing of trades included in the clearing pool formed as at 16:00.

Clients will receive reports on settlement in MS140 format.

Introducing a clearing session at 16:00 will provide the clients with following options on the same operational day:

  • to perform settlement on securities in the their record system;
  • to use securities to finalize settlement on the OTC market.

Settlement based on the results of clearing of trades included in the clearing pool formed as at 19:00, and reporting on settlement in MS140 format will be performed by NSD as usual. Trades included in the pool as at 16:00 will be excluded from the report on the clearing session performed at 19:00.

Please note that NSD will charge a settlement fee after each clearing session.

If you have any questions related to this message, please contact your account manager at: (495) 956-27-90/91 or NSD’s regional representatives.

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