Change of NSD’s Account Number with Euroclear to Be Used for Settlement

09 July 2014
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Ref. No. АС-20/5726 dated 09.07.2014

Attn.: NSD Clients

National Settlement Depository (hereinafter NSD) announces that due to the enforcement of amendments to the U.S. tax legislation (the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act  – FATCA) and the requirement for qualifying NSD accounts with Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V. (hereinafter Euroclear) as QI accounts, NSD opened a special account No. 46055 to be used for settlement at Euroclear.

Starting from 14 July 2014, settlements will be made using the mentioned above account; the procedures for providing instructions and the schedule of settlements remain unchanged.

Starting from 14 July 2014, the account No. 12065 will be used as a certified NSD’s account with Euroclear.

Please note that all MF035 instructions (code of operation: 37) to accept securities for safekeeping and/or recordkeeping, submitted  in relation to the account No. 12065 and not settled before 18:00 on 11 July 2014, will be cancelled.

Please inform your counterparties at Euroclear accordingly.

If you have any questions related to this message, please contact your account manager at: (495) 956-27-90/91 or NSD’s regional representatives.

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