Introduction of the New Fee Schedule for NSD's Bank Services

01 August 2018
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Ref. No. 45-20/5414 dated 1 August 2018

Attn.: NSD's clients

Please be advised that, in accordance with NSD's Supervisory Board's resolutions dated 25 April 2018 and 31 July 2018 to approve the amended and restated Fee Schedule for NSD’s Bank Services (formerly known as the Fee Schedule for NSD's Cash Transfer and Related Services) (the "Fee Schedule"), and in accordance with Order No. 150 dated 31 July 2018, the Fee Schedule will take effect on 1 September 2018.

The newly structured Fee Schedule provides for a clearer categorization of fees into particular service type groups. In addition, the following key amendments have been made to the Fee Schedule:

  • due to the common approach being applied to the pricing of cash transfers, including those made under a Standing Instruction (Section 3 of the Fee Schedule), the provision setting the fee for maintaining a bank account of NSD’s client who uses the Standing Instruction Service has been deleted;
  • the fee chargeable for the provision of the following information upon a client's request (paragraph 2.5 of the Fee Schedule) has been changed:
    • information regarding client's bank accounts; and
    • information regarding cash turnover in the client’s bank account and other details of bank account transactions, as requested for one calendar period (month, quarter, or year);
  • the fee for providing a client with a bank account statement by fax has been deleted;
  • the fee for providing information by registered mail via the Post of Russia has been deleted; and
  • certain editorial amendments have been made.

Please also note that as a result of the introduction by the Bank of Russia of a new payment service, a new provision (paragraph 3.1.3) has been added to the Fee Schedule which sets the fee chargeable for cash transfers using the rapid transfer service via the Bank of Russia's prospective payment system, and, accordingly, the fee for making cash transfers via the BESP System has been deleted.

The Fee Schedule is available on NSD's official web site at, in the following section: "Fees/Fee Schedule".

In case of any question related to this communication, you may contact your account managers at +7 (495) 956-27-90 or +7 (495) 956-27-91.

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