NSD’s Operating Hours from 6 April 2020

06 April 2020
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Ref. 47-20/2174 dated 3 April 2020

Attn.: NSD's clients
NSD Payment System participants

Dear Clients,

Please be advised that starting from 6 April 2020 National Settlement Depository (NSD) will be operating as follows:

NSD will be providing depository, clearing and bank account services, including processing cash transfers in the NSD Payment System* between NSD Payment System participants, at hours provided for in the relevant agreements (including in the NSD Payment System Rules), subject to the following:

  1. Depository, clearing and bank account services, including processing cash transfers in the NSD Payment System, under instructions received in electronic format via EDI channels, will be provided as usual.
  2. For clarifications regarding the conduct of corporate actions for Russian securities the record date for which and/or the conduct of which falls on or after 6 April 2020, please refer to the communication concerning corporate actions .
  3. Services relating to the exercise of rights of holders of non-Russian securities (providing information on corporate actions and assistance in participating in corporate actions) will be provided in full.
  4. Collateral management services will be provided as usual, subject to:
    • the schedule of Bank of Russia's on-exchange and OTC repo transactions;
    • the transaction schedules of the Russian Federal Treasury and St. Petersburg Finance Committee, as available at their respective official web sites: www.roskazna.ru and комфинспб.рф.
  5. NSD's information and trade repository services will be provided as usual.
  6. NSD will not be accepting or handing over any hard-copy documents at NSD's offices. Documents sent through communications service providers will be accepted and processed subject to the specifics of their working schedules.

In case of any question related to this communication, you may contact your account managers by telephone: +7 495 956-27-90 or +7 495 956-27-91.

* The NSD Payment System operator is registered by the Bank of Russia in the Register of Payment System Operators under registration number 0014.

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