NSD starts electing new members to NSD Customer Committee (CSD Customer Committee)

03 June 2019
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National Settlement Depository ("NSD") hereby announces that it starts the process of electing new members to NSD Customer Committee (CSD Customer Committee) (the "Committee").

The Committee will be formed in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law On the Central Securities Depository and the FFMS Order No. 12-13/pz-n of 15 March 2012.

The Committee members will be elected from among individuals representing NSD's participants, registrars, trade organizers (stock exchanges), clearing houses and other entities.

The Supervisory Board will elect new Committee members in July 2019  from among the nominated candidates.

In order to nominate a candidate, it is required to submit a nomination together with the candidate's Consent to nomination and Notice of Confirmation  using the forms attached below on or before 9 July 2019, by:

  • mail: 12, Spartakovskaya Street, 105066, Moscow;
  • fax: +7 (495) 956-09-38;
  • e-mail (a scanned copy): .

Before submitting nominations please note that the following persons may not be elected Committee members:

  1. persons without a university degree (higher education);
  2. persons who acted as a sole executive body (i.e. general director) or were members of a collective executive body, or acted as the head of the internal control service (or as the controller) of a management company of unit investment funds, equity investment funds, or non-governmental pension funds, a specialized depository of unit investment funds, equity investment funds or non-governmental pension funds, a professional securities market participant, a credit institution, an insurance undertaking, a clearing house, or a trade organizer, at the time of failure by such entities to comply with the requirements and terms of their licenses, which resulted in the cancellation/revocation of their license(s) to conduct the relevant type(s) of activities, or at the time any bankruptcy proceedings were instituted, if less than three years have passed from such a cancellation/revocation, or since the bankruptcy proceedings were terminated;
  3. persons subject to administrative punishment in the form of disqualification where the term of such punishment has not expired;
  4. persons that suffer conviction for committing a commercial crime or a crime against the state; and
  5. persons whose certificate of qualification is cancelled, if less than three years have passed from such a cancellation.



Notice of Confirmation

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