NSD to Start Providing Depositors with Information on Corporate Actions in Accordance with ISO Standards

30 October 2014
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Ref. No. AC-20/9226 dated 30 October 2014

Attn.: NSD’s clients (depositors)

As part of the project for the development of an automated corporate action processing system, National Settlement Depository (NSD) is planning to start providing depositors with information on general meetings of shareholders (MEET, XMET, OMET) and bond redemptions (INTR, PRED, MCAL, REDM) for Russian and foreign securities via various communication channels in accordance with the ISO 20022 and ISO 15022 standards.

Starting from 5 November 2014, the following messages will be sent to depositors via LUCH software (in HTML format) and via SWIFT:

  • notifications of meetings;
  • notifications of meeting results;
  • notifications of meeting cancellations;
  • notifications of corporate actions; and
  • notifications of corporate action cancellations.

For more details on the procedure for providing clients with information on corporate actions in accordance with the ISO standards, visit Services/Corporate Actions/Corporate Action Notifications.

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