On NSD’s Tests Focused on Confirming Its Ability to Implement the Disaster Recovery Plan

23 September 2016
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As part of the ongoing process of improving NSD’s IT infrastructure, to check the resiliency of information systems critically sensitive to interruption and to provide the company’s business continuity, NSD continues to implement the program of tests focused on the confirmation of the company’s ability to implement the Disaster Recovery Plan. Given the differences between intended purposes of information systems and their functionalities, the plans of system tests include various scenarios: recovery of systems in the backup Data Processing Center (DPC) on non-business days, switching of systems and their recovery on business days, functioning of systems under the current operational load in the backup DPC over several days with the subsequent switch back to the primary DPC and with the check of the correct recovery of information systems critically sensitive to interruption.

In July 2016, NSD held the recovery test of the Corporate Database on business days with the subsequent production run of the system in the backup DPC during the entire business day.

In August 2016, during the business day, NSD conducted the recovery test of the accounting and mandatory reporting system. After the successful recovery, the system was operated in the backup DPC during the entire business day. On non-business days, NSD held the recovery test of its key repository system, depository and clearing system, and its corporate email.

In September 2016, NSD held the recovery test of the integration system in the backup DPC which was designed for efficient transmission of mass data with an option of the intermediate data processing between databases. The test was also held on the business day.  The system recovered in the backup DPC passed the operating load test.

The procedure for system recovery, allowing the repository’s clients to input and send electronic documents via NSD’s web service, to view the status of the repository’s forms and to receive reports was also tested in September, on the non-business day.

The analysis of the test results let NSD recognize all tests successful, and allowed the company to increase the number of systems tested on the basis of advanced scenarios for confirming the high level of resiliency of NSD’s information resources critically sensitive to interruption. For instance, in the near future, the company plans to test some processes on business days, among them will be switching and recovering SWIFT systems, corporate email, as well as the information and research system of financial monitoring.

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