Tests Aimed at the Improvement of NSD’s IT Infrastructure and Confirmation of Failure Safety of Critical IT Systems

07 June 2016
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For the purpose of improving NSD’s IT infrastructure and confirming failure safety of critical IT systems, a number of tests have been run since the start of 2016 to  prove applicability of the Disaster Recovery Plan.

In March 2016, the process of recovery of SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA) was tested. The test involved the testing of actions and operations connected with the switching of SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA) over to another cluster node and back where clients using the TurboBranch interface are switched over to the TurboSWIFT (TS) backup server and back. The functioning of the switched-over system and client access were tested for 14 days.

In April 2016, the Disaster Recovery Plan was tested with respect to such critical systems as ASES, Bank-Client ASES, and ComplianceLink. The test involved the switching of such systems over to the backup data center and back to the main data center. The functioning of switched-over ASES and Bank-Client ASES systems was tested under current operational load throughout the trading day.

In May and early in June 2016, the Disaster Recovery Plan was tested with respect to such systems as Oracle SOA Suite (an integration platform supporting data interchange between NSD’s principal depository and settlement systems), Corporate Database, and Omnitracker (a system designed for registration of incidents in business processes). During the test, the possibility of back-and-forth switching of the systems between the main and backup data centers was tested in practice.

The analysis of the test outcomes has allowed to assert that all the tests were successful and to prove the high level of failure safety of NSD’s critical IT systems.

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