Updates to fees for NSD's Banking Services, new marketing period for NSD Bank-Client WEB Account Service

22 May 2023
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O/Ref. 17921 dated 18 May 2023

Attn.: NSD clients

National Settlement Depository (NSD) informs that, with effect from 1 June 2023, an updated version of NSD's Fees for Banking Services (the "Fee Schedule") will come into force.

According to the Fee Schedule, the fees for connection of clients to the WEB Account of NSD's Bank-Client and its maintenance are set in the amount of the current fees for services related to installation and maintenance of Bank-Client systems (items 5.1-5.2 of the Fee Schedule).

At the same time, a marketing period will be offered for the period when the NSD Bank-Client and the Banking WEB Account in the NSD Bank-Client are in parallel operation from 1 June 2023 through 31 December 2023. During the marketing period, no fee will be charged for connection and maintenance of the Banking WEB Account in NSD's Bank-Client System if the client simultaneously uses the Bank-Client System and the WEB Account in the Bank-Client System. The marketing period is introduced in accordance with NSD Executive Board decision dated 18 May 2023.

The full text of the Fee Schedule is available on the NSD website in the Fee Schedules Section.

If you have any enquiries regarding this notice, please contact Customer Service at NSD by phone: +7 495 956-27-90, +7 495 956-27-91.

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