NDC is the largest paying agent for corporate bonds

10 March 2006
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In the year 2005 NDC processed 136 coupon and principal payments for a total value of 12.5 billion rubles. As of 1 January 2006 the number of corporate bonds issues serviced by NDC as a paying agent reached 73 (for 53 issuers).

NDC as an authorized depository for most of the corporate bonds calculated market share of financial institutes acting as paying agents. According to the data received, as of the beginning of March NDC is a leader among paying agents for corporate bonds in the following positions:

  • value of issues serviced (30%);
  • number of issuers serviced (26%);
  • number of issues serviced (23%).

The market share of other paying agents for corporate bonds issuers in all of those positions does not exceed 6%.

NDC began provision of paying agent services from the end of 2002 and swiftly strengthened its positions in this segment. In 2006 NDC plans to process more than 220 coupon and principal payments for corporate bonds for the total amount of 34 billion rubles.

Using NDC as a paying agent, which at the same time acts as an authorized depository, benefits issuers and investors decreasing the period when trading of a bond is banned by the technical reason and as a result increasing security’s liquidity.

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