NDC operational results 2005

16 January 2006
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NDC evaluated 2005 operational results. In the year just ended the Partnership has shown high performance in all of its activities.  

Value of securities held in custody grew by 34% and reached 1.8 trillion rubles, at the same time the number of securities grew by 2.4 times and exceeded 50 billions.

The number of securities issues accepted for servicing at NDC exceeded 1400. Shares of corporations account for 41% of total amount of issues, corporate bonds for 24%, government securities for 19%, subfederal and municipal bonds for 10%, unit investment funds and Eurobonds for 6%. 

Total number of NDC customers at the year end amounted to 688, number of securities accounts – 1432.

Number of issuers whose securities safekept at NDC grew by 34% in 2005 and reached 361. Number of corporate and regional bond issues serviced grew by 30% and reached 476. At the year end NDC was registered as the paying agent for 73 bond issues in safekeeping. In a year NDC as a paying agent handled 136 coupon and principal payments for a total amount of 12.4 billion rubles. 

Number of transactions carried out per month increased greatly and reached 93 thousands transactions per month on average. On 30 December, 2005 a millionth client’s instruction was registered and executed in NDC’s system, which reflects operations transmitted since 1999.

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