NSD Announces AGM Results

30 May 2019
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National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russian’s central securities depository, held the annual general meeting of shareholders (AGM) on 30 May 2019.

The company’s shareholders adopted the following resolutions:

  • NSD’s annual report for 2018, including annual accounting and financial statements, was approved;
  • The company’s net profit in the amount of RUB 2,757,282 thousand1 was allocated for dividend payment calculated on the basis of RUB 2,335.34 per one common registered share before tax on income received in the form of dividend. The record date for persons entitled to receive dividend was set at 10 June 2019.   
  • JSC Deloitte & Touche CIS was approved as NSD’s auditor for conducting the RAS and IFRS audit until the NSD's 2020 AGM.
  • The new Supervisory Board comprising of 15 directors was elected:

    1. Eddie Astanin
    2. Svetlana Balanova
    3. Paul Anne F. Bodart
    4. Mikhail Bratanov
    5. Oleg Vyugin
    6. Andrey Golikov
    7. Yuri Denisov
    8. Bella Zlatkis
    9. Igor Kalganov
    10. Sergey Lykov
    11. Paul James Ostling
    12. Anton Ostrovskiy
    13. Andrey Popov
    14. Nadezhda Ushakova
    15. Ilya Yuzhanov
  • New members of the Internal Audit Commission of NSD were elected until the NSD's 2020 AGM:

    1. Olga Melentyeva
    2. Maksim Nikonov
    3. Vladimir Sukhachev
  • The members of the Supervisory Board elected 31 May 2018 at NSD’s AGM will receive remuneration calculated in compliance with the terms established by NSD’s Supervisory Board Members’ Remuneration and Expenses Reimbursement Regulations2 given their individual contribution to the company’s management.

The AGM participants also approved the amended and restated Regulations on the General Meeting of NSD Shareholders and NSD’s Supervisory Board Members’ Remuneration and Expenses Reimbursement Regulations.

1 – The net profit is indicated in accordance with NSD’s RAS statements.

2 – Approved by the company’s AGM on 31 May 2016.

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