NSD Announces Results of Its Supervisory Board Meeting

07 March 2014
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On 6 March 2014, the Supervisory Board of National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russia’s central securities depository, made the following decisions on the basis of Moscow Exchange’s proposals: 

  1. To add to the agenda of the annual general meeting (AGM) of NSD shareholders in 2014 the item “To set a number of NSD’s Supervisory Board members” using the following wording “To set a number of NSD’s Supervisory Board members at 15 until the date of NSD’s AGM in 2015”;
  2. To include the following persons in the list of candidates to the Supervisory Board of NSD to vote at the company’s AGM in 2014:
    • Bella Zlatkis, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Sberbank of Russia OJSC;
    • Paul Bodart, member of the Board of ECB’s Target2-Securities;
    • Andrei Popov, Chief of IT Department, Member of the Management Board, Raiffeisenbank CJSC;
    • Oksana Strakhova, Director of Depository, Vnesheconombank;
    • Dmitry Tolokonnikov, Vice President, Deputy Chief of Law Department, Russian Direct Investment Fund;
    • Nadezhda Ushakova, Senior Vice President, Chief of Depository, VTB Bank OJSC;
    • Dmitry Scheglov, Managing Director responsible for operations, member of the Management Board, Moscow Exchange OJSC.

The Supervisory Board will nominate additional candidates in compliance with the shareholder agreement concluded on 30 June 2011, on the basis of recommendations presented by the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and developed in accordance to quotas provided by the shareholder agreement (taking into account suggestions submitted by NSD’s minority shareholders and major customers).

  1. to include the following persons in the list of candidates to NSD’s Audit Committee to vote at the company’s AGM in 2014:
    • Olga Gordienko, Chief Accountant, Moscow Exchange OJSC;
    • Inna Danilova, Chief of Consolidated Budgeting and Management Reporting Department, Moscow Exchange OJSC;
    • Vladimir Sukhachyov, Chief of Internal Audit Service, Moscow Exchange OJSC.

The Supervisory Board took NSD’s Internal Control Service’s report into consideration and recognized that NSD’s internal control system met all requirements, scale and terms of NSD’s activities. In addition to this, the Supervisory Board approved the plan of activities for 2014 of the Internal Control Department of NSD as the professional securities market participant and the plan of audits by Controller of NSD as the clearing organization.

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