NSD Announces Results of Its Supervisory Board Meeting

18 December 2020
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On 17 December 2020, a meeting of the Supervisory Board of National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russia’s central securities depository, was held.

The Supervisory Board formed customer committees with new members.

NSD’s Customer Committee for Quality Control and Risk Management now includes the following members:

  1. Vladimir Itunin, Head of Operations, ALFA-BANK (Chairperson of the Committee);
  2. Ilona Gil, Head of the Depository Operations Support and Control Division of the Securities Services Department, ROSBANK;
  3. Maria Dolgopolova, Deputy General Director, INFINITUM Asset Services; 
  4. Natalia Karaseva, Deputy Head of the Depository, Vice President, VTB Bank;
  5. Denis Kuznetsov, Head of the Depository, ATON;
  6. Elena Lanik, Deputy General Director-Deputy Controller, REGION Broker Company;
  7. Dmitry Nikolayev, Senior Managing Director of the Depository, Finance Unit, VEB.RF;
  8. Olga Petrova, Head of the Product Development Unit, Depository Division, Securities Department, Citibank;
  9. Tatiana Popova, Head of the Depository, Otkritie Broker;
  10. Irina Ryazantseva, Executive Director, Head of the Depository Activities Organization and Support Division, Depository of Sberbank;
  11. Ekaterina Savinova, Product Manager, Direct Custody & Clearing, CB J.P. Morgan Bank International;
  12. Natalia Sidorova, Head of Global Securities Services, Transaction Banking Services Department, UniCredit Bank;
  13. Nikolai Chemodurov, Deputy Head of the Depository Center – Head of the Directorate for Client Managers and Marketing, Gazprombank.

NSD’s Customer Committee for Registrar and Depository Relations now includes the following members:

  1. Vadim Protasenko, First Deputy General Director, R.O.S.T. Registrar (Chairperson of the Committee);
  2. Natalya Abretova, Head of Depository Services and Correspondent Relations, ROSBANK; 
  3. Rushaniya Barkhatova, Director, Novy Registrator;
  4. Irina Bystrova, Executive Director, Head of Infrastructure and Issuer Relations, Depository of Sberbank;
  5. Svetlana Galkovskaya, Executive Director, RT-Registrar;
  6. Maksim Getsman, Deputy General Director for Principal Business, VTB Registrar;
  7. Natalia Desyatova, Deputy Head of the Depository Operations Department, REGION Broker Company;
  8. Natalia Drugova, Head of Custody Operations, J.P. Morgan Bank International;
  9. Alexandra Isachenkova, Head of the Depository Unit, LMS Investment Company;
  10. Sergei Korpunkov, Officer of the Department for Register Maintenance, First Specialized Depository;
  11. Elena Makarova, Director of the Depository, Finance Unit, VEB.RF;
  12. Viktor Norkin, Deputy General Director, Director of the Technology Development Center, REYESTR;
  13. Evgeniy Papin, Director for Technology and Development, DRAGA;
  14. Svetlana Sapronova, Head of the Register Maintenance and Depository Activities Department, INFINITUM Asset Services;
  15. Alexander Tropanov, Deputy General Director (Legal), Professional Registration Centre;
  16. Marina Uspenskaya, Deputy General Director, Head of the Issuer Services Department, Registrar Garant; 
  17. Aleksey Tsarev, Head of the External Payments and Transactions Accounting Unit, Depository Transactions Division, Investment Business Transactions Support Department, Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation;
  18. Timur Shamgunov, Head of the Counterparties and International Organizations Relations Unit, Financial Market Transactions Accounting Division, Market Services Department, Bank of Russia.

NSD’s Customer Committee for Settlement and Depository Services and Tariffs now includes the following members:

  1. Ksenia Vlasova, Head of Operations, Business Support Department, ATON (Chairperson of the Committee);
  2. Lyudmila Anufriyeva, Securities Market Services Development Manager, Raiffeisenbank;
  3. Larisa Voropayeva, Head of the Depository Service Methodology Division, Depository Center, Gazprombank;
  4. Irina Gurova, Head of Operations Development Projects, INFINITUM Asset Services;
  5. Yulia Davydova, Deputy Director of the Department, Head of the Securities Service Department, ROSBANK;
  6. Yuri Dubin, Managing Director, Head of the Depository, Sberbank;
  7. Alexey Zenov, Head of Issuer Corporate Actions, ALFA-BANK;
  8. Regina Zeyatdinova, Head of the Depository Operations Unit of the Operations Department, OTKRITIE Brokerage House;
  9. Lyudmila Korniyenko, Head of the Depository Operations Department, REGION Broker Company;
  10. Irina Lubenina, Head of the Settlement Unit of the Correspondent Relationships and Settlement Division (Market Services Department of the Bank of Russia)
  11. Anatoly Lukashov, Deputy General Director for Development, IC VELES Capital;
  12. Elena Lyalikova, Director of the Depository, Finance Unit, VEB.RF;
  13. Oksana Markova, Head of the Business Operations Support Unit, VTB Capital;
  14. Alexander Nazarov, Head of the Product Management Division of the Securities Department, Citibank;
  15. Evgeniy Ovechkin, Deputy COO for Brokerage Business, BCS Company;
  16. Alyona Romanova, Director of the Depository, MTS-Bank;
  17. Yaroslav Solomatin, Head of the Depository, GPB Investments;
  18. Yulia Umnova, Head of the Product Development and Client Relations Department, Depository Services Division, UniCredit Bank;
  19. Alexey Shirokov, Director of the Depository Accounting Department, IC Freedom Finance;
  20. Natalia Shtalenkova, Head of the Depository Services Development Department, J.P. Morgan Bank International.

The Supervisory Board approved the following documents:

  • NSD’s Budget (Business Plan) for 2021-2023;
  • the amended and restated Fee Schedule and Payment Guidelines for Clearing Services of NSD;
  • NSD’s Internal Audit Department Activity Plan for 2021;
  • NSD’s Corporate Key Performance Indicators for 2021 (with established achievement limits and weights).

The Supervisory Board also took into account the Company’s preliminary 2020 Performance Report.

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