NSD Approves Its Development Strategy till 2024

24 October 2019
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National Settlement Depository (NSD) has approved a new development strategy till 2024.

The new strategy was approved by NSD’s Supervisory Board and reflected changes and challenges in the financial sphere (in both the internal and external environment).

The strategy’s important feature is that it has been organically built into the Moscow Exchange Group’s 2019-2024 development strategy, and this means synchronized and synergistic development of the Group’s companies.

The strategy has three key areas for NSD development: a) settlement and depository infrastructure (core business), b) new services and client segments, and c) information assets.

As part of settlement and depository infrastructure development, strategic priorities include ensuring high reliability, financial stability, and dynamic development of NSD as a central securities depository, a regional leader in the post-trade services market which is integrated in the global financial market.

New services and client segments are related to expanding the NSD product and service range within the traditional B2B segment. In this area, Transit 2.0 is a strategic project focused on developing NSD’s IT and settlement services in the interests of a new client category – corporations. In addition to this, NSD plans to enter a new segment – B2B2C (business-to-business-to-customers). In particular, NSD may do this as the Registrar of Financial Transactions (RoFT) in the Marketplace project.

Information asset development assumes the creation of new products and services for clients based on unique data accumulated in the company (data lake) and further development of the Valuation Center, as well as technologies in the RegTech sector.

The strategy places a special focus on improving the risk management system. Other key elements of the strategy include ensuring the observance of required business continuity and information security standards.

“NSD should form the infrastructural basis for the Russia financial market ecosystem, a regional leader servicing different types of assets (securities, funds, commodities, and digital assets) and offering complementary services (settlements on trades, collateral management, fair value calculation, providing high-tech platform solutions for marketplaces, and for the pension and insurance sectors, etc.) which will create added value for market participants,” said Eddie Astanin, Chairman of NSD’s Executive Board.

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