NSD Registers Green Bonds Issued by EcoLine-VtorPlast

03 December 2021
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NSD has registered green bonds issued by EcoLine-VtorPlast. The issue size amounts to RUB 2 billion, with a maturity until 20 December 2030.

The company proposes to apply the bond proceeds to build Russia’s biggest plastic recycling plant. The plant will have a processing capacity of 60.2 tons of plastics and produce 120 thousand municipal solid waste containers using recycled plastic pellets, a year.

Green bonds are an element of the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) philosophy, the global initiative that emerged in response to environmental concerns. For modern investors, compliance with these principles is a strong case to buy such securities. Issuers realize that and seek to embrace the ESG philosophy so that to become more attractive to investors and enhance social responsibility.

Denis Buryakov, Managing Director, Head of Depository and Clearing Services Center, NSD: “NSD endorses the ESG principles and social impact investing. This is not just a trend, but a new reality that will affect our investment decisions. We anticipate that more and more issuers will look towards green investing, thus creating a new segment that will become a sought-after investment tool.”

Alexander Svidovsky, General Director, LLC EcoLine-VtorPlast: “The technology concept of the new manufacturing process (preservation of recycled materials’ primary properties, to the maximum extent possible) perfectly meets the green principles. For us, as ESG transformation pioneers in the industry, the support provided by the Russian Environmental Operator is crucial. The development of such recycling facilities and funding through ‘green’ mechanisms will contribute to the achievement of the objectives pursued by the National Project ‘Ecology’.”

NSD has been registering ‘commercial paper’ bonds since August 2016. Since then, 219 commercial paper issues were registered: 217 issues valued, in aggregate, at RUB 892,674 million, one issue amounting to EUR 382.4 million, and one issue amounting to USD 111.1 million.

The number of commercial paper issuance programs registered by NSD has reached 55, amounting, in aggregate, RUB 2,995,570 million.

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