NSD Reports Results of Its Supervisory Board Meeting

01 August 2018
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On 31 July 2018, the Supervisory Board of National Settlement Depository (NSD) elected new members of the National Settlement Depository Customer Committee (Central Securities Depository Customer Committee). The Committee was formed based on a new methodology that was developed by NSD to provide fair representation of various categories of clients on the Committee.

The Committee’s powers are set for a 1-year term (starting 1 August 2018). The Committee now includes the following persons:

  1. Varvara Artyushenko, General Director, National Custodial Company;
  2. Elena Akhmetdinova, Lead Specialist of the Depository, INTER RAO Invest;
  3. Viktoria Belogurova, Chief of the Operations Division, Morgan Stanley Bank;
  4. Igor Bushin, President, Depository and Corporate Technologies;
  5. Olga Veksler, Head of Transaction Services Directorate of the Operations Unit, Alfa-Bank;
  6. Larisa Gorbacheva, Head of Securities Department (Depository), Citibank;
  7. Sergey Gorbachenko, Director of the Clearing Department, NCC;
  8. Yulia Davydova, Head of the Product Development Division of the Securities Services Department, ROSBANK;
  9. Yuri Dubin, Director of the Depository, Sberbank;
  10. Alina Zolotova, COO, Concern GENERAL-INVEST;
  11. Natalia Karaseva, Deputy Head of the Depository, VTB Bank;
  12. Elena Kochemirovskaya, Chief of Depository Operations Division, EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK;
  13. Alexey Kushnerov, Deputy General Director/Controller, United Capital Partners Advisory;
  14. Magali De Vit, Network Relations Manager, EUROCLEAR BANK;
  15. Dmitry Medvedev, Head of the Department for Conducting Depository Operations and Operational Development, UniCredit Bank;
  16. Maxim Murashov, General Director, DRAGA;
  17. Mikhail Nedelsky, Deputy General Director for Development, Independent Registrar Company;
  18. Natalia Rakhmanova, Operational Director for Investment Banking, BCS Company;
  19. Yuri Taranovsky, General Director, Reyestr;
  20. Sergey Titov, Director of the Money Market Department, Moscow Exchange;
  21. Alexey Fedotov, Deputy Director of the Depository, Russian Agricultural Bank;
  22. Tatiana Fedyashina, General Director, BK REGION;
  23. Nikolai Chemodurov, Deputy Head of Depository Center, Head of the Division for the Analysis and Control of Depository Operations, GPB Bank;
  24. Natalia Shtalenkova, Head of the Depository Services Development Department, CB J.P. Morgan Bank International.

NSD’s Supervisory Board approved the new version of NSD’s Internal Control Rules focused on combating the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism, as well as new versions of fees for NSD’s banking services and the services of NSD’s SWIFT Service Bureau.

The Supervisory Board took into consideration:

  • Q2 2018 Central Securities Depository Controller Report;
  • Q2 2018 Report on NSD’s Significant Risks;
  • Q2 2018 Report on the Capital Amount, Capital Adequacy Assessment Results, and on the Observance of Mandatory Ratios by NSD.

The Supervisory Board adopted the following resolutions:

  • To set the number of members on the Strategy Committee of NSD’s Supervisory Board at 5 persons and include Mikhail Bratanov on the Committee;
  • To terminate the powers of Sergey Danilin, a member of NSD’s Customer Committee for Settlement and Depository Services and Tariffs, and elect Olga Alexeyeva, Head of the Depository Department, BCS Company, as the Committee’s new member;
  • To terminate the powers of Maria Shumakova, a member of NSD’s Customer Committee for Quality Control and Risk Management, and elect Vladislav Vlasenko, Head of the Department for Business Process Development and Optimization, BINBANK, as the Committee’s new member;
  • To terminate the powers of Natalia Karaseva, a member of NSD’s Customer Committee for Quality Control and Risk Management, and elect Svetlana Kamasheva, Managing Director of the Department for Development of New Depository Products, VTB Bank, as the Committee’s new member.

According to the results of the meeting of NSD’s Supervisory Board, Maria Krasnova, Deputy Chairman of NSD’s Executive Board, was appointed as a member of NSD’s Executive Board for a new term – from 8 September 2018 to 8 September 2020 (inclusive).

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