NSD Repository: 7 Years of Market Expertize

10 February 2020
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Today, National Settlement Depository’s Repository celebrates its seventh anniversary: in 2013, NSD began acting as a registrar for OTC derivatives and repo transactions.

NSD Repository was founded as part of agreements at the G20 summit which adopted a resolution that required information about OTC transactions in derivatives to be provided to trade repositories.

Creating the Repository was a challenge for Russian financial infrastructure, and NSD successfully resolved this task and received its status due to its vast experience in servicing various types of assets, its reliability and its high level of technological effectiveness.

Once the Repository began operating, the market obtained a systemically important institution that registers OTC trades and submits reports to the regulator that meets all necessary requirements. 

Seven years of development and interactions with clients have allowed it to standardize and automate processes, improve data processing quality and offer clients services for controlling information received (FLC service).

Now, the number of Repository clients exceeds 1,000 financial market participants. For the entire period of work, the Repository has processed more than 22.1 million messages, and registered 9.7 million reports and 43.4 million trades in the amount of RUB 2,613 trillion.

The NSD Repository is developing quickly. NSD’s experience in servicing derivatives allows it to cover new user segments by offering services that are in demand on the market. In 2019, a Reporting Agent service was launched; it allows market participants to submit in a timely manner information to the regulator about transactions that shall be reported in accordance with Russian laws.

The Repository’s experience and the regulator’s trust allowed NSD to implement the service “Regulator of Financial Transactions” (RoFT) as part of the Marketplace project. The RoFT role also provides the Repository with access to new clients - individual customers, and guarantees the project’s high quality and reliability.

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