NSD Supervisory Board Approves Tariffs for Yuan Settlements

16 September 2011
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MOSCOW - National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russia's only settlement depository servicing the full range of debt and equity securities of Russian issuers, reports that its Supervisory Board at the meeting held 16 September has made the following decisions on NSD's tariffs:

  • To approve tariffs for renminbi/yuan settlement conducted for legal entities
  • To amend NSD Tariffs for Settlements and Cash Services accordingly.

            The amended Tariffs are to be put into effect starting 15 October, 2011.

Detailed information is to be available since the same date at the company's web site (section "Tariffs for Settlements and Cash Services", in Russian).

Elena Gusalova, NSD’s Director, Research and Development, has been elected a member of the company's Committee of Settlement and Depository Operations and Tariffs.

Now NSD's Committee of Settlement and Depository Operations and Tariffs comprises the following members:

The members of the Supervisory Board have approved a new version of the Regulations on NSD's Internal Audit Division, the Regulations on NSD's Internal Audit System, the Guide on Internal Audit of NSD as a Professional Participant of Securities Market, as well as amendments to NSD's Charter related to close of the company's branches.

1 Tatiana Chepeleva Head of Moscow Representative Office, OTKRITIE Securities Limited (UK); Chairwoman, Committee of Settlement and Depository Operations and Tariffs, NSD
2 Natalya Abretova Chief of Depository Services and Correspondent Relations Directorate in the Depository, ROSBANK JSCB OJSC
3 Ekaterina Anisimova Banking Products Development Manager, Securities Department, Citibank CB CJSC
4 Sergei Virkunen Deputy Director of Department, Chief of Directorate, Central Bank of the Russian Federation
5 Vladislav Vlasenko Chief of Depository, MDM Bank OJSC
6 Olga Vorobyeva Chief of Depository, Zerich Capital Management Investment Company OJSC
7 Elena Gusalova Director of Research and Development Department, NSD
8 Maria Dolgopolova Chief of Registrar Maintenance and Depository Activities Department, INFINITUM Specialized Depository
9 Dmitry Zaliznyak Chief of Depository, JP Morgan Bank International LLC
10 Maria Ivanova Chief of Depository Directorate, Deutsche Bank LLC
11 Maria Karasyova Deputy Chief of Depository, VTB Bank OJSC
12 Alexander Nazarov Director of Depository Services Department, UniCredit Bank CJSC
13 Marina Tikhomirova Deputy Chief of Depository Center, Gazprombank OJSC
14 Nadezhda Ustinova First Deputy General Director, United Depository Company CJSC
15 Nataliya Shtalenkova Chief of Department of Product Development in the Directorate for Depository Services, ING BANK (EURASIA) CJSC

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