NSD Takes Part in SWIFT Business Forum

08 April 2014
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On 8 April 2014, SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging services, held SWIFT Business Forum in Moscow. Participants of the conference discussed issues of creation of the central securities depository and introduction of a single mega-regulator under the roof of the Central Bank of Russia, as well as these developments’ effect on Russian stock market and Russia’s future influence in global financial market.

Moreover, among the topics for discussion was fighting financial crime, an important item of the agenda of Russia's banks. Delegates discussed a recently implemented law that gave banks new rights and greater opportunities for increasing efficiency of Russia’s banking system, and implementation of international standards in Russian financial market increasing its attractiveness for foreign investors.

The forum is a unique opportunity to hear opinions of leading experts of financial community to create a
The event presented an unrivalled opportunity to hear the views of key experts from financial community helping to create strategies for success in the changing Russian stock market. The forum’s organizers tried to accomplish all tasks and demonstrated their intention to support clients in changing conditions of securities market.

Elena Gusalova, Director of Research and Development Department, NSD, took part in the panel discussion “The Russian securities landscape – is integration delivering on its promises?”. The delegates considered recent important changes in Russian securities market aimed at attracting more foreign investors. For instance, among these changes were integration of post trading infrastructure, switch from T+0 to T+2 settlement cycle, interactions with ICSDs and foreign investors admittance to government and corporate debt markets. Participants of discussion spoke about plans for 2014 that include the development of Corporate Information Center, the corporate actions reform and changes in tax legislation.

Representatives of SWIFT, Russian and foreign banks, Bank of Russia and other financial market participants presented their reports at the forum.

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