NSD to cancel a number of fees for transfers of Russian and international securities

16 August 2022
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The National Settlement Depository (NSD, part of the Moscow Exchange Group) has decided to temporarily waive a number of fees for transactions involving the transfer of Russian and international securities.

From 16 August to 30 September 2022, a marketing period will apply to transfers of Russian securities within NSD without transfer of ownership from one holder to another where there is an international securities depository in the chain of record keeping and custody that will accept its depositor's instruction to transfer the securities into the Russian depository system.

Also, from 16 August to 31 October 2022, NSD will abolish fees for acceptance and removal of international securities to/from safekeeping and recordkeeping through international securities depositories, other than CIS depositories.

Viktor Zhidkov, Chairman of the Executive Board of NSD, said: "NSD is doing all the best to give investors back the right to dispose of their assets and make transactions in securities. We always promptly respond to all changes and act in our clients' interests. NSD has had a positive experience of waiving securities transfer fees on the conversion of depositary receipts, which has allowed resuming the conversion process at international depositories. We hope that the temporary waiver of a number of securities fees will send a clear and unambiguous message to unlock clients' assets."

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