NSD Valuation Center Begins Broadcasting Data via Bloomberg

04 April 2017
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Starting in April 2017, Bloomberg will be broadcasting data provided by the Valuation Center of National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russia’s central securities depository.

In order to access NSD's pricing on the terminal, clients will need to subscribe to this service. This can be done by running {NSD<GO>} and clicking on the provided link or via {DATA<GO>} and selecting National Settlement Depository in the Contributor Name field.

The subscription page provides necessary information on the content, cost and length of subscription. Once subscription is completed, clients will be able to access NSD prices on Russian bonds across the full suit of Bloomberg analytics.

Thus, clients may purchase products of the NSD Valuation Center directly via NSD or through the network of data distributors which includes the following vendors: Interfax, Bloomberg, Cbonds and Thomson Reuters.

Customers of the Valuation Center include users from Russia, Great Britain, Luxembourg, India, China, and Singapore.

The Valuation Center provides its clients with daily calculations of fair prices for 2,000 financial instruments.

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