On complete handover all the functions of the National Numbering Agency for Russia from the Wertpapier-Mitteilungen to NCD

18 April 2006
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As a result of long-term cooperation between the Not-for-Profit Partnership “The National Depository Center” and the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) the ANNA Board at the meeting in March 2006 took positive decision on hand-over of the rest of the functions and responsibilities of the National Numbering Agency for Russia to the NDC.

 “The ANNA Board was fully satisfied with the results and findings on the operational audit from members of Wertpapier-Mitteilungen (WM Germany) to your offices in April 2005 and therefore we unanimously approved your request to proceed with the handover of ISIN allocation and related functions from WM Germany to the NDC”, is stated in the official letter from Dan Kuhnel, Chairman of ANNA.

From the moment of handover to NDC from WM Germany of all functions for allocation of ISINs to Russian securities all interested parties will comunicate regarding ISIN allocation only with NDC, which will increase timliness and accuracy of information to stock market participants and investors interested in Russian securities and as a result facilitate growth of Russian market liquidity.

NDC’s long term participation and effort was approved by ANNA Board just before the General Meeting of ANNA members which will take place in May 2006 in Moscow.


 Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) was founded in 1992 by 22 numbering agencies.

ANNA has rapidly grown to become a global association of 66 members, each acting as a national numbering agency responsible for assigning International Securities Identification Numbers (ISIN) to securities and other financial instruments.

The aim of ISIN allocation is the standardized identification of financial instruments within single system and dissemination of data between stock market participants. International Identification Codes and standardized securities description can be used in all areas of financial market and are necessary for provision of efficient clearing and settlement.

Main obligations of ANNA Members include:

  • Allocate ISINs for all security types, listed and unlisted, in their area of responsibility according to ISO 6166 in conjunction with the latest version of ISIN guidelines;
  • Promote ISO Standard 6166 (ISIN) in their area of responsibility;
  • Disseminate ISINs to the local and international securities industry as well as to other ANNA members;
  • Participate in development of efficient international system of securities identification.


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