PJSC “TATNEFT” Shareholders Vote Using NSD’s E‑Voting Service

28 June 2021
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On 25 June 2021, PJSC “TATNEFT” held the Annual Meeting of Shareholders (AGM). PJSC “TATNEFT” named after V.D. Shashin is one of the largest Russian oil companies, which dynamically develops oil and gas production, oil refining, petrochemicals production, a tyre manufacturing complex, operates a network of filling stations, power engineering, development and production of equipment for the oil and gas industry and a block of service structures. From 2 to 25 June, the company provided its shareholders with the opportunity of electronic voting. This year, PJSC “TATNEFT” uses NSD's E-voting service for remote voting for the first time.

3,348 participants used remote access to view the materials and vote at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. Compared to the previous year, the number of meeting attendees increased by 20% due to new participants who voted through the E-voting service.

Access to the platform is provided through the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA) used on the Public Services Porta or using Sber-ID.

“By introducing the best corporate governance practices, the company provided its shareholders with an additional tool to participate in the general meeting of shareholders through the electronic voting service. Easy access using information technology enhances confidence in the company’s corporate governance and significantly increases the number of individual shareholders participating in the meeting. Our goal is to create an efficient and comfortable environment for shareholders to exercise their rights,” commented Damir Gamirov, Acting Corporate Secretary of PJSC “TATNEFT”.

“Russian and foreign experience shows that the corporate governance plays an important role in the development of the company and has a positive effect on investment attractiveness. Providing the e-voting service to the shareholders is a step taken by leaders. It confirms the high standards of the corporate governance, and the overall digitalization of the company. We believe that the share of investors who choose remote services such as E-voting will grow, and we are glad that PJSC “TATNEFT” is already meeting the needs of modern investors,” said Denis Buryakov, Managing Director for Depository Operations at NSD.

Following the request to ensure the most comfortable voting conditions to shareholders, this year we provided our clients with the opportunity to use the E-voting service. PJSC “TATNEFT” was the first of our clients to use E-voting. We expect the popularity of remote digital channels and services to grow, and we hope more and more of our clients will benefit from E-voting,” said Vadim Griger, General Director of EAR LLC.

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